3 Top Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

3 Top Home Remedies For Dry Scalp Dry scalp may not be an overly painful condition; however, it can cause high levels of discomfort, frustration and embarrassment. Besides, it can be humiliating if you find yourself scratching your head in public so rigorously that your hair becomes disheveled.   So, what causes dry scalp in the first place?   The top reasons are poor hair …

DIY Anti-Aging Fruit Mask


Hellooo Everyone! Fruits are considered to be a pure blessing; for your body and skin. The more you eat, the more your body is shielded and protected. Fruits are SO highly beneficial for your skin; that regular application of certain fruits will prevent aging. Read on to learn this DIY anti-aging Face mask.

Remedies for Hair Thinning


Hair thinning is now getting a very common issue for both men and women. Our diet, lifestyle, products, environment; everything that we do and eat affects how our hair behaves. Though there are few recipes that actually help hair thinning (I am talking about hair thinning, NOT hair fall), but there are these tips and tricks that will help you maintain your hair volume and …

Coconut Milk Beauty Benefits and Recipes

coconut milk beauty recipes-coconut milk beauty benefits

Holllaaa! How was your long weekend? I took a sabbatical for 4 days and did NOTHING! I love doing nothing, it was pure bliss.. hehe. So when I say did nothing, Β it of course doesn’t include any research work or experiments related to my blogging. This time I used and researched on Coconut milk beauty benefits and recipes! and let me tell you this is …

Homemade Eye Cream With Coffee

homemade eye cream - with coffee-DIY

Hey everyone! How is your holi preps going? Wishing you a very happy ling weekend πŸ˜€ I made this homemade eye cream for myself, since I have not been getting enough sleep and then I get up with dark circles and puffy eyes πŸ™ This homemade eye cream has helped SO much and the additional coffee just wakes up my skin and kills the puffy …

Protein Hair Mask Without Eggs

protein hair mask-eggless-withouteggs

Hey everyone! So we all know how good eggs are for our hair. It provides nutrition and protein to our scalp; thereby, making our hair look healthy, shiny and soft! I personally love eggs for my hair, but I know SO many who just cannot bear the smell of eggs. So this is for all you guy-Protein hair mask without eggs.

Anti Tan Pack for Face and Hands

anti tan pack

Hola everyone! Sorry for the late post, my laptop crashed and I couldn’t do anything about it πŸ™ But nevertheless, I am back now (on a temporary laptop) and back with a summer special post. With summer comes sun, comes vacations and beaches! With that, comes the horrible tan as an after effect. But this anti tan pack works wonders in only 2 weeks and …

3 Skin Lightening and Whitening Tips for Busy Women

skin lightening and whitening

Hi Everyone! Everyone seems to be busy these days and in the quest of making money we are loosing out on our skin and hair. If not money; it could be kids, parents and many more responsibilities. Are you one of them who is looking for skin lightening and whitening tips but are every busy to follow the detailed procedure? Well worry not here are …